Welcome to Ridgewalker’s first and so far, only, blog post. This will be your first, second, and third person perspective into the minds of Storm (Me!) and Justin (Storm’s assistant lackey fan club president brewing biotch partner). This blog will be our unfiltered and most informal means of communicating with you as we share our journey from what we currently are, which is a nanobrewery operating out of a garage, to what we will be, which is a production brewery and taproom sharing our delicious beer with everyone who enjoys frosty fermented beverages, as well as their friends, wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends who still wonder why we wouldn’t rather be drinking wine.

When this blog isn’t actively making fun of everything we can think of (especially ourselves) it will also include updates on the progress of our brewery while we build out our taproom in Forest Grove, make our way into the brewing community, and work on doing everything in our power to improve our process, our beer, and our relationship with our customers.

We will have a rotating theme of posts, as follows:

Week One: State of the Brewery Address. This will be our quad-weekly update on the status of the brewery. What we’re brewing, why we’re brewing it, as well as updates on events we’re attending. This will be the best way to keep up to date on where our beer is on tap (which will soon be available on our website in the form of an easy to use map) and what specialty offerings we will have around.

Week Two: Brewing Process. This will be our opportunity to wax poetic about how much we love making beer. Because we really love making beer. It’s like having an army of tiny little pets that turn grain into beer! (With a couple other steps) As long as we feed them, house them, and keep out their competitors, they will live short, happy lives making that which we love. If you homebrew (or don’t) or love chemistry (or don’t) or love biology (or don’t) or love beer (we know you love beer) this will be your chance to nerd out with us about the ideal mill gap, to see our tests on whether adding olive oil to your wort improves fermentation, and how to get that creamed corn flavor out of your lager. (As well as like a million other things too of course)

Week Three: World Beer News. What’s happening in the beer world? Who has been sucked into the gaping maw of macro beer this week? What’s going on with breweries opening in Japan? What’s a reinheitsgebot? This is our interpretation of what’s going on and what it means to us (and you). Want to know why I don’t buy *that* brewery’s beer anymore? This is the soapbox, the NPR and C-SPAN of brew. Want to hear about why adding fruit to beer means you have to get federal approval? How about why American beer has a reputation for being yellow and fizzy?

Week Four: Ridgewalker Stuff! Hiking, Jet Skis and Tesla Coils. Speaker powered propane Ruben’s tubes. How not to die in the mountains! How to take a responsible **** in the woods! What’s that tree? Can I eat that plant? What’s the difference between Camas, Death Camas, and the city in Washington? SO MANY THINGS. This is the potpourri of Ridgewalker. It’s going to be everything we think is cool. It’s going to be treewise and sequoical. John Muir, Edward Abbey and friends will show up here. Philosophy meets combustion meets our undying love of the world and the things that happen in it. There will be explosions and coffee fueled streams of consciousness set on fire and strapped to a quadcopter and thrown off a mountain.

To finish off this inaugural post, I’ve got this to say. I love doing this. I want you to love this as much as we do, to understand why while I was in a turret in Iraq wiping dust out of my eyes, and while I crossed the border into Oregon three months into the longest hike of my life, I was thinking about this brewery. When I almost died on a ridge in California and ate nothing but sunflower seeds for two days, I was thinking about doing this. It’s not just a project, a business. This is our passion.

Welcome to Ridgewalker.